Wind Storm™ Hurricane Doors & Frames

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NCHM manufactures Hurricane Doors compliant with Florida Building Code (FBC-2020 FL#17823) and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI-DR-495) Specification in both Stainless Steel and Galvanneal.

Stainless Steel


Commonly Found In:

  • Coastal Communities up to 50 Miles Inland
  • Commercial Exterior Entrances
  • Municipalities
  • Utility Providers Exterior Entrances
  • First Responders Exterior Entrances
  • Storage Facilities


Assemblies can be installed at any height on the structure as long as the design pressure rating is not exceeded.

Wall Framing – spruce, pine, or fir wood; Grouted CMU Block and Poured Concrete Wall (min 3000 psi).

Installation Fasteners – Wood – (min) 3/8” Grade 5 lag screw Masonry Grouted CMU Block and Concrete: (min) 3/8” Dynabolt sleeve anchor.

Fire Rated